Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Welcome on my personal webiste. This website is online since 18th, february 2009.You can find some articles dealing with subjects I enjoy and a webpage which enables you to download articles and related resources. A webpage shows my CV ; you can download it. You can contact me by email. You can visit the webpage with links redirecting to the other websites in relation to my experiences or simply informations I judge interesting.To my mind, program software must be efficient and offer added value. A program must be a tool for men allowing them to increase the value of work, help them with decisions and provide solutions. The quality process in a project is essential to reach these objectives.In the difficult context of the economy, taking good decisions is necessary but is not easy. Stakes are important. Self-discipline, planning, risk analysis, marginal costs... As many elements to consider. In return, this is only with ambition and motivation that they make sense.